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Episode 3 – Moon-Fu

Newsflash: Episode 3 has recently been approved for human consumption! In this episode of Technically Speaking, we talk with Mike Snyder (@SpaceSnyder), Engineering and Design Lead from Made In Space about how awesome 3D printers are, and their future in our

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Episode 2 – The EcoEagle and Musical Bicycles

Numero Dos! In this episode of Technically Speaking, we chat with Lori Costello, project lead on the EcoEagle project at the Eagle Flight Research Center at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. Lori led the project to modify a commercially available

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All Systems Go!

Hello and welcome to Technically Speaking: Your home on the Brachiolope Media Network for all things Engineering and Technology! I’m Joe Batwinis, and joining me on this podcasting adventure is my co-host Jacob Stump, of Science… Sort of fame. This

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