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Hello and welcome to Technically Speaking: Your home on the Brachiolope Media Network for all things Engineering and Technology!

I’m Joe Batwinis, and joining me on this podcasting adventure is my co-host Jacob Stump, of Science… Sort of fame. This show is made by engineers, for engineers, engineering students, students who think they want to be engineering students, and anybody who finds stuff like this interesting:

Pretty sweet, right? In college it became a running joke that any lunchtime conversation invariably involved pulling out a pen and doodling something on a napkin. The goal of this podcast is to make something along the lines of dropping a microphone into those conversations, and pumping it into your ears via the wonders of technology.

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Joe was raised by wolves in the Black Forest of Germany, where he taught himself to build flying machines by studying the eagles and falcons soaring high above him as he apprenticed as a cuckoo clock maker. He later graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in Aerospace Engineering, and now they let him work on real airplanes! In his spare time, Joe likes driving his car in autocrosses and track days, mountain and road biking, radio controlled aircraft, and podcasting, apparently.

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