Episode 2 – The EcoEagle and Musical Bicycles

Numero Dos!

Embry-Riddle-Green-Plane3-537x402In this episode of Technically Speaking, we chat with Lori Costello, project lead on the EcoEagle project at the Eagle Flight Research Center at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. Lori led the project to modify a commercially available Stemme S10 motor-glider into the worlds first parallel hybrid aircraft! Join us as we ask her what sort of engineering challenges she encountered on the project, and why meeting “project requirements” are important when entering a multi-million dollar contest.

Next we ponder the merits of buying a 10-in-1 screwdriver when a simple phillips head will do, as we discuss the Navy’s recent decision to consider replacing the C-2 Greyhound with the V-22 Osprey for Carrier On Board Delivery. As our armed forces move further away from multiple different aircraft (fulfilling different mission roles), towards single aircraft designed for multiple mission profiles, it is important to ask the question: What are the benefits and consequences of replacing a specialized platform with a multi-role platform? Listen to find out!

Finally, in this episode’s BRAINSTORM, we talk about Bicycles! Why is it that bikes are such a pain to maintain? Can we use technology to improve our biking experience? We break down the problem into 3 areas:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Performance
  3. Damage Control

Unbeknownst to us, we happened to invent something that already existed! But the rest of our brilliant ideas are up for patent applications! (not really).

Listen! Share with your friends! Let us know what you think, and email us some future Brainstorm ideas!

Music: “Bicycle Race” – Queen


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4 comments on “Episode 2 – The EcoEagle and Musical Bicycles
  1. Bob says:

    Nothing new under the sun.
    I have a belt-drive and it works great, but I haven’t ridden it as much as I’d hoped.

  2. Jeff Sykes says:

    If I were to invent something that already exists, I would make a bike where pedaling charges a battery that you can draw from when going up really difficult slopes. I think that’s what the serial hybrid, in the wiki link above is.

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