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Episode 12 – What, What, What, Would You Print?

Happy Halloween, Techies! Are you ready to be scared out of your mind??? …You aren’t? Well that’s good, because this isn’t really a scary podcast. Knowledge is power, or as Carl Sagan says, “A Candle in the Dark.” So with

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Episode 11 – Grasshoppers in Space

Howdy, TechFolk! We’ve got a real treat of an episode for you this week, oh yes we do! So tie on your bolo, shine your boots, and put on your cowboy hat, cuz this ain’t our first rodeo! On this

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Episode 10 – Grand Theft Automotive Safety

Alright Techies, here’s the plan… This is going to be an ICE COLD heist with a need for STEALTH. We should be in and out in just over an hour. The target is HIGH VALUE. It’s labelled as, “Technically Speaking

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