Episode 12 – What, What, What, Would You Print?

Happy Halloween, Techies! Are you ready to be scared out of your mind???

…You aren’t? Well that’s good, because this isn’t really a scary podcast. Knowledge is power, or as Carl Sagan says, “A Candle in the Dark.


Gnomes are scary to some people…

So with that in mind, on this episode of Technically Speaking, we hope you don’t get too scared by the prospect of 3D Printed Guns. The Greater Manchester police certainly did, when they confiscated what they believed to be “parts of a 3D printed gun.” Turns out they were a little too excited to make the headline, “First confiscation of 3D Printed Gun!”

Next we move on to another scary topic that loves to stir up fear and paranoia in certain publications – “Planned Obsolescence,” or the idea that certain products are “designed to fail” in order to force you to have to buy another product. What is it? Who’s doing it? Why does an EU group want to ban it? Is it even a real thing? Find out when you listen!

Finally, we approach this week’s Brainstorm with a little bit TOO MUCH FREEDOM (No such thing. -America). What would you do if you had access to the following three items:

And like any good Brainstorm, where we end up is nowhere near where we left off.

We want to hear what you would do! Email us with your ideas for at-home creation, start a discussion on the Facebook page or the Forum, or get us #Trending on Twitter! And if you REALLY like us, leave us a review on iTunes!

Run Time: 1:10:24

What Would You Do Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXSCzZbP_O0

Nickelodeon Guts Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WGbkYWVFEE






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