Episode 13 – Mapping the Mind of an Engineer

Happy Thanksgiving Techies! It’s truly been too long, and we’re thankful that you’re still listening!

Ever wondered what’s going on inside the mind of an Engineer? Us too!


This is what a brain looks like to an Engineer… true story.

This week on Technically Speaking, we’re joined by Jacob Moore, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Penn State Mont Alto, to talk about how to best teach stubborn engineers, and the future of college textbooks! Professor Moore talks us through the “concept mapping” and why this may be the blueprint for a better textbook! Try our Jacob’s tool yourself (especially if you’re an engineering student taking Statics!) and let him know what you think! Needless to say, Joe and Jacob are enamored with this tool – we think it represents one of the first steps into the future of textbooks and learning. Seriously, check it out. (Disable your pop-up blocker!)

Next, Professor Moore was kind enough to slide into our discussion on the TALLEST, FASTEST, GERMANEST, WATERSLIDE IN THE WORLD! What is it that makes waterslides an interesting physics problem? And why are waterslides so fun, despite the fact that they’ve fallen behind compared to roller-coasters in theme-park entertainment? Find out when you listen!

Finally, thanks to listener Louis L., we outline some pretty incredible feats of super-engineering! Massive bridges, sub-sea tunnels, and moving islands are all discussed and analyzed as we flex our imaginative muscles on this installment of the Brainstorm segment!

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Run Time: 1:11:12

Music: Map of the Problematique – Muse

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3 comments on “Episode 13 – Mapping the Mind of an Engineer
  1. Nathan says:

    Listening to the show now. Aside from the sound dropouts, it’s great, as usual.

    But I’m trying to load up the Adaptive Map and it won’t load.
    Is the link ok, or could something else be the issue?

    • Joe Batwinis says:

      Hi Nathan,

      Jacob actually wrote us today to say he was having some difficulties with the tool. The link is correct, something just appears to be wonky at the moment. Perhaps check back in a few days, it’s pretty neat!


  2. Charlie says:

    So glad to heare there are engineerng professors out there looking at better ways of teaching. My Statics professor was also very interested in engineering education, and had us learn parts of his course with online modules. I think this concept mapping method could be more effective. Paul Steif at Carnegie Mellon University is the professor.

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