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Episode 21 – How to Store Your Dragon

Chemicals! In! Spaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This week on Technically Speaking, we invite another member of the Brachiolope Media Network to come hang out: Chad Jones, of The Collapsed Wavefunction Podcast! Hooray! Chad talks to us about his awesome podcast, and chemistry in

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Special Edition 1: Go Karting for Podcast Glory

First thing’s first: We WON! Ha! Take that Science Sort of! *Ahem* So, ¬†for those of you who don’t follow Technically Speaking or Science Sort of on social media… you should, because this would make much more sense. Joe and

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Episode 14 – Don’t Call Them Drones!

Happy Tuesday, Techies! Remember how we said it’d be a month until the next release? Surprise! You win! This week on Technically speaking, we join the Andy Botwin Club as we geek out over the latest in electric bicycles. One

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Episode 8 – Supersonic Jet Trucks

10-4 Good Buddy! Get ready for some super-sized and super-sonic topics on the latest episode of Technically Speaking! On this episode, we invited Zach Weiner, Illustrator in Chief of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and co-host of The Weekly Weinersmith podcast,

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All Systems Go!

Hello and welcome to Technically Speaking: Your home on the Brachiolope Media Network for all things Engineering and Technology! I’m Joe Batwinis, and joining me on this podcasting adventure is my co-host Jacob Stump, of Science… Sort of fame. This

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