Episode 9 – Spaced Out Fan Requests

On this episode of Technically Speaking, Jacob and Joe respond to all variety of Fan requests and feedback – questions, comments, suggestions, and BRAINSTORM!



Just how realistic is the premise of the movie “Gravity”? Will 3D Printing companies will “turn to the dark side” (like Ink cartridge companies) by making printing materials more expensive? Is Elon Musk actually *designing* with 3D holographic projection, or is he just playing around? And in the latest edition of the BRAINSTORM, how would colonization of a far-off planet (a la Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri) differ significantly from the Zombie Apocalypse? All will be answered when you download and listen!

Run Time: 57:59

Music: Space Dementia – Muse



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2 comments on “Episode 9 – Spaced Out Fan Requests
  1. Carmen says:

    Hey guys, great podcast! I stumbled across your show just recently and I’ve been really enjoying the back episodes. Anyways, it’s a bit of a nitpick but it’s what we engineers do haha.

    You said in this episode that Voyager 1 has left the solar system which isn’t quite accurate. The probe is in interstellar space but it’s still in a region where objects in the Oort Cloud are under the influence of the sun’s gravity. Even though the particle flow around the probe is confirmed to signify interstellar space the particles orbiting the sun, albeit very slowly, means technically Voyager is still in the solar system. Phil Plait explains this better than I do in one of his recent posts.


    Keep the good content coming!

  2. Jacob Moore says:

    Hello guys. Enjoyed the episode this week. I’m very much into the 3D printing technologies and I think you are right that the expiration of the laser sintering patents is going to cause a boom in the variety of hobby grade printers in the next few years.

    You also briefly talked about metal laser sintering technology as well. About five years ago the grain structure was horrible, but your optimism about the improvement is well founded. In the past few years, the “selective laser melting” technologies and the “electron beam melting” technologies (both fitting into the larger “laser sintering” category) have achieved part strengths that are equal to sand cast parts for both steel and titanium. Surface finish is also about the same as sand cast parts, so it still has that dull slightly rough look to it. I don’t expect to see hobby grade metal machines any time soon, but full strength metal parts are a current, though very recently achieved, reality.

    Looking forward to episode 10!

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