Episode 14 – Don’t Call Them Drones!

Happy Tuesday, Techies! Remember how we said it’d be a month until the next release? Surprise! You win!

Amazon is sending drones to GET YOU!
Just kidding. They’re bringing you presents.

This week on Technically speaking, we join the Andy Botwin Club as we geek out over the latest in electric bicycles. One of the problems with current electric bikes is they tend to look a bit goofy as the electrics are generally added as an afterthought, or even if they are designed in, it all ends up a bit awkward. And the bikes that do it all well tend to be a bit on the pricey side. But the Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel looks to change all of that. By incorporating everything required into the wheel hub, you can easily convert your existing bike! And at $799, it’s relatively affordable.

Next, we take to the skies with Amazon Prime Air! Have you ever wished you could have that thing you bought on Amazon Prime, like, RIGHT NOW? Well, maybe in 2015 you’ll be able to! Amazon hopes to deploy fleets (Squadrons?) of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) at their fulfillment centers to bring you your order in 30 minutes or less! Or it’s free! Perhaps not that last bit… Plus we talk a bit about the different kinds of multirotor platforms and a little helicopter history.

Then we remembered that we had actually received an email from listener Edan asking us to talk about UAVs. And don’t call them drones! They are smarter than that! So we talk about UAVs, and possible future uses for them in disaster relief and agriculture. They aren’t all flying death machines! They might save your life one day!

Finally we wrap up with a an email from 15 year old listener Erin from Scotland who wants to build herself a jet engine! We give her and you the listener some tips on how to go about doing just that. Joe hopes one day Erin will be riding a jet powered bicycle around Scotland. Keep your eyes out, Scottish listeners. Disclaimer: If you build a jet engine and blow yourself up and/or otherwise injure yourself, it’s not our fault. Fast spinning things on fire tend to be dangerous. Take appropriate precautions.

So, thoughts? We thought it was a fun episode. Let us know what you think! Send us an email, Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Leave us a review on iTunes, Comment below, etc etc.

Run Time: 1:11:18

Music: “Drones” – Rise Against

Joe was raised by wolves in the Black Forest of Germany, where he taught himself to build flying machines by studying the eagles and falcons soaring high above him as he apprenticed as a cuckoo clock maker. He later graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in Aerospace Engineering, and now they let him work on real airplanes! In his spare time, Joe likes driving his car in autocrosses and track days, mountain and road biking, radio controlled aircraft, and podcasting, apparently.

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