Episode 23 – Planes Have Feelings Too!

Quick Survey – What type of Engineers are the best Engineers? While you search AIR and SPACE for the correct answer, here’s a wonderful image to influence your opinion for you to enjoy while you think.


Whatever kind of Engineer came up with that thing must be pretty awesome!

Alright, the results are in, and EVERYONE seems to agree that Aerospace Engineers are the best! So, since you know we only bring you what you want to hear, this episode features THREE (that’s right THREE) Aerospace Engineers! Engineer #1 – Jacob Stump, Engineer #2 – Joe Batwinis, and Engineer #3 – Our guest, Melissa Miesle!

Melissa works on Jet Engines, so first we talk about Jet Engines (and how cool they are), before transitioning to talk about Aerospace Engineering in general in our “Who Wants To Be an Engineer!” segment! What can you do with an AE degree? (Answer: Literally anything) What kinds of subjects to AE’s study in college? (Answer: Only the good stuff) How much money do they make? (Actually we didn’t answer this one… email us if you’re curious).

After we finish gloating about how awesome we all are, we start trying to figure out the secret behind BAE’s new “sensing” smart aircraft skin. Senior researcher Lydia Hyde gives a bit of hint in her interview on the topic, but it’s hard to say how it really might work. Got any ideas? Let us know what you think!

Lastly, we get serious in this week’s Brainstorm as we try to figure out ways to get more girls interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Why do so many girls under-rate their own proficiency in math and science? What hurdles still exist for women in STEM fields? And what can WE do to change things?

On a serious note, it goes without saying that Joe and I are big proponents of science outreach, both to the public at large through this podcast, and to children in our personal endeavors. My wife and I run arts & science after-school programs in St. Augustine, FL, and Joe regularly volunteers with youth science initiatives. When you participate in initiatives like these, it’s hard not to notice how under-represented girls are, even at the earliest ages. If we can’t convince a 6 year old girl that she has just as much of a reason to become a scientist as any boy the same age, then how are we supposed to convince an 18 year old woman, who is trying to choose their lifelong career path? Girls and boys BOTH love science, as long as they’re given the chance to enjoy it. So please, if you have a moment, visit some of these great resources for getting girls and women interested in STEM:

We want to know what YOU do to encourage science enthusiasm with kids! Let us know with an email, a comment on Facebook, a shout-out on Twitter, or a comment below! And if you liked the show and want to keep hearing more, be sure to leave us a review on iTunes!

Run Time: 1:25:37

Music: “Jet Airliner” – The Steve Miller Band


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