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Cleared for Take Off.

Cleared for Take Off.

Hey! It’s not rocket science! I would know… I’m a rocket scientist.  =P

OK, I’m not officially a rocket scientist, but I am an Aerospace Engineer.  More importantly I’m geek who’s not afraid to get technical.  And if there’s anything the ladies like, its gettin’ technical.

I am currently employed by a major US defense contractor as a Material Review Board Engineer, which means that I design and certify repairs on some pretty sweet aircraft, either during production or during service maintenance.

The great thing about working in the aerospace industry (aside from the job-benefits) is that I get to see with my own eyes the very things that I study on paper.  It usually takes a a week or so to see my repair designs incorporated, but seeing a fix that you designed turn into reality is pretty sweet.

Outside of work, I enjoy running and swimming, hobby microprocessors, and the occasional video game or two (or three).  Unlike the other PaleoPals, I currently reside on the East-Coast and call sunny Florida my home, which means I get to rub shoulders with astronauts.  Or at least I theoretically could…I haven’t met one yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from buying drinks for people who I think LOOK like astronauts.


Get in touch with Jacob using e-mails at the address jacob@sciencesortof.com

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