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Cleared for Takeoff!

Joe was raised by wolves in the Black Forest of Germany, where he trained himself to build flying machines by watching eagles and falcons soar over the trees above him while apprenticing as a cuckoo clock maker. Today, he is reminded of those great birds of prey as he sits in his cubicle listening to the birds chirping in the rafters high above him, desperately wishing they weren’t trapped in that hangar.

In his spare time Joe enjoys too many hobbies for his wallet to realistically handle. He’s in denial of this fact. Among them are riding his bike, flying radio controlled airplanes and helicopters, driving racecars on Xbox and driving racecars in real life, too. Because Racecar.

Joe currently resides in Lancaster, California. If you live in the area, you might find him driving around the canyons of Southern California in his MINI Cooper S (pictured below) on weekends.

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Joe wrote his bio in the third person, because that’s just the way it’s done. Jacob on the other hand, well, some men you just can’t reach. (Oh yeah, Joe also likes movies and making obscure references to them)


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  1. Mike Lickley says:

    Please ask Stitcher to add your podcast to their podcast directory. I asked Stitcher why I couldn’t find Technically Speaking. They said you have to request it. Love the podcast. Cheers. Mike

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