Technically Speaking is your home on the Brachiolope Media Network for all things Engineering and Technology. If you’ve ever found yourself sitting around a lunch table drawing some design for a thingamabobber or whatsit on a napkin, this is the podcast for you!

Each fortnight, we speak with interesting guests on exciting topics like Aviation, Cars, and 3D Printing! And each episode comes with the Patent Pending “Brainstorm” segment, where we leverage the minds of our esteemed guests to “Engineer” our way out of a problem. We’re sure that this will one day lead to our million dollar invention, which we’re also sure will occur exactly on our last episode.

Find out more about the hosts:

Meet Jacob - The Cool One!

Meet Jacob – The Cool One!

Meet Joe - The Exciting One!

Meet Joe – The Exciting One!












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* The “Technically Speaking” theme song samples music from Top Gun, and sound effects from NASA, Star Wars, Star Trek, and other stuff… We make no claim to copyright for any of this.




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  1. Robert Begusch says:

    I´m glad that you are moving in this direction: sharing tech info.

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